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The PARLO Institute excels in stuttering therapy. Comprehensive know-how exists particularly in group therapy. In the past, practice was overwhelmingly presence therapy. Now, telemedicine is quickly becoming more significant, which is of interest to both research and politics. Telemedicine promises therapy independent of location, offering the same quality and less cost.

PARLO already developed an online therapy platform, freach, ready to be implemented as a solution to offer stuttering therapy as telemedicine.  The combination of experience in stuttering therapy with such a telemedical platform predestines PARLO for this new and innovative form of therapy. Initial, comparable long-term studies evidencing the effectiveness of stuttering therapy using freach have previously been presented by PARLO, and further studies are being planned. Teletherapy offers various ways to reach patients, who for different reasons did not accept therapy in the past.

Within Germany, we see the chance to offer more economical and sustainable therapy to patients through collaboration with health insurance providers. Internationally, we see a chance to care for patients even in highly populated countries, who due to poor infrastructure or a lack of therapists have previously not been able to receive therapy. freach is currently available in German, English, and Portuguese. The first major international assessment will take place in Brazil. 

Beyond stuttering therapy, “freach” is also capable of offering therapy for other indicators. The expertise gained since 2011 in converting presence therapy to the virtual sphere is transferrable to various forms of speech therapy and can be offered to therapists  and therapy institutions.


University of Bochum, Dept. of Phoniatrics and Pedaudiology, Prof. Neumann:

  1. Developer and scientific supervisor of the infant auditory screening program in Hessen.
  2. Scientific supervisor of the linguistic evaluation program at the Hessen KISS.
  3. Co-developer of language tests, speaker for the Children’s Speech Association of the German Association for Phoniatrics and Pedaudiology.
  4. Development of guidelines for speech development disturbances.
  5. Work in the joint federal committee of Audio- and Speech Disturbances.
  6. Work in the Global Burden of Disease – Hearing Loss Group of the WHO and in World Wide Hearing.
  7. Leading role in the preparation of the SS3 guidelines of stutters together with the according specialists.


Institute of the Kasseler Stuttering Therapy
Dr. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg, computer-based intensive program with follow-up care for all age groups.



Collaboration with Brazil:

  • Academic, scientific, and technical collaboration in the framework of a feasibility study on the online stuttering therapy with the platform freach with:
    • The Universidade da Estadual Paulista (UNESP), São Paulo, Brazil, Dr. Christane Moco Canhetti de Oliveira
    • Inistituto Brasileiro de fluencia (IBF), Dr. Anelise Junqueira Bohnen, Ph.D.
  • A German-Brazilian telemedicinal symposium promoted by the Federal Ministry of Research Collaboration between PARLO with ZIMT, the FAU and the HAOC:
    • ZIMT: Central Institute for Medical Technology []
    • FAU: University of Erlangen-Nuremburg, Prof. Noeth, Lecturer of Pattern Recognition
    • HAOC: German Hospital Oswaldo Cruz in Sao Paulo, Jefferson G. Fernandes, MD, Ph.D., Director of Education and Sciences
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