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The PARLO Institute is suited as business partner for medical technology manufacturers in order to investigate the effects of innovations in medical technology on therapy. PARLO closely collaborates in research with the Kasseler Stuttering Therapy, where annually about 300 patients of all ages receive intenisve stuttering therapy. As is evidenced through the past ten years of experience in studies with, among others, the Universities of Kassel, Frankfurt, and Bochum, most patients are willing to take part in studies once they have been informed and the studies have been clarified.  So far, subjects have covered fMRT, transcranial stimulation and human genetic studies, as well as long-term evaluations on the effectiveness of therapies. PARLO takes on the complete process, from designing the studies to implementation to publication of results.


  • flunatic and flunatic junior – a visual and auditory biofeedback program developed in the environment of the Kasseler Stuttering Therapy, to be used in the intensive courses in the Kasseler Stuttering Therapy.
  • FLUXXY – a cost-free Smartphone-Application was developed particularly for the youth, to gain first experiences in interacting with one’s own voice.
  • FMRI: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging – applied in the supporting research of the Kasseler Stuttering Therapy at the Universities of Frankfurt and Goettingen.
  • Kiss – Speech evaluation program in Hessen – leader in its development at the Universities of Frankfurt and Giessen.
  • TMS: Transcranial Stimulation – a procedure, among others, during the basic research of stuttering, deployed by Prof. Sommer, University of Goettingen on the patients of the Kasseler Stuttering Therapy.
  • Speech and speaking therapy platform freach – the first online platform, with which speech therapy can be carried out online. freach has integrated, among others, an entry tool through commonly used video-conferencing software, a therapy planner, and many features from the LMS field, which enable online group therapy.
  • Collaboration with the American software company AventuSoft, specialist in signal processing and speech recognition in the on-going development of an App for the environmental training in Fluency Shaping Therapies such as the Kasseler Stuttering Therapy.
  • Development of the module ASSIST for the platform freach (automatic speech analysis for an assistance system to the systematic increase of the contextual and interactional demands of stuttering therapy) with the University of Erlangen-Nuremburg, Lecturer of Pattern Recognition framework of a model and pilot project (since 2013). The software offers patients the opportunity to take part in and practice video-story speech situations such as shopping, application, or conflict dialogue. The program allows the student to give responses regarding the manner of his or her speech.


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