PARLO Institute

PARLO is an institute for research, training and services in speech and language therapy. PARLO is independent und not committed to any particular therapy, but it is committed to the advancement of evidence-based practice. It is oriented towards the WHO guidelines, which in the International Classification of Functioning highlights participation (versus handicap), activity (versus restricted activity) and functioning (versus impairment). The work of PARLO is counseled by a scientific advisory board consisting of renowned scientists from the area of speech and language therapy.

PARLO continues, depresses and expands already gained and extensive research results of the background of stuttering therapy. The predominant german results should be extended by international results. PARLO commands excellent contacts to the german and international scientific scene, which push the research in stuttering therapy. In this case PARLO appears on the one hand as co-operation partner but also as initiator of research projects.

The therapy platform freach acts as a smart solution for the individual and the group therapy online. So PARLO is a pioneer in the field of the stuttering therapy in the increasingly more important factor of telehealth.

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