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10. February 2014 // Common

Congress preparation for the “International Conferene of Telehealth” in February 2014.












Winner “Best in cloud 2013″

23. September 2013 // Common







Development of a telemedical internet platform for the stuttering therapy.
Reference customer: PARLO GmbH

Telehealth is one of the biggest growth markets for cloud-based health care services. Therefor expensive surgery roboters are not always necessary, that shows the common project of the PARLO Institute for Research and Training in Speech Therapy, the Kassel Stuttering Therapy and the vitero GmbH.

> Telemedical internet platform for the stuttering therapy


3rd Meeting of the PARLO Advisory Board

04. June 2013 // Common

The third Parlo advisory board meeting took place in Cavtat, Dubrovnik Croatia on the 27th of May 2013 embedded in an international convention on stuttering: Basis science and stuttering (26-29th of May 2013)

The aim of this symposium was to address the impact of basic research to date on clinical practices with those who stutter. The point of the symposium was to update clinicians on how basic science informs their clinical practices. To further this aim, internationally renowned experts were invited to provide expert summaries on nine different topics.

Four of the speakers there, besides Prof Onslow, one of the organizer of this symposium, are members of the advisory board: Prof. Ann Packman, Prof. Katrin Neumann, Prof. Martin Sommer and Prof. Harald Euler.

Guests of the PARLO board meeting were:
1. Per A. Alm, Ph.D., Department of Neuroscience, Speech-Language Pathology, Uppsala University, Sweden
2. Marilyn A. Nippold, Ph.D., Professor of Communication Disorders and Sciences at the University of Oregon
3. Sheena Reilly, Professor and Associate Director of Clinical and Public Health Research at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Director of Speech Pathology and Professor of Paediatric Speech Pathology at the University of Melbourne.
4. Rosalee C. Shenker, Founder and Executive Director of the Montreal Fluency Centre and Adjunct Professor, McGill University
5. Valerie Lim, Ph,Senior Principal Speech Therapis, Singapore General Hospital
6. Susan Block, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health Sciences, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
7. Dr. Suzana Jelcic Jaksic of the Children’s Hospital Zagreb, Croatia
8. Abbdulazis S. Almudhi, Speech Pathologist, England
9. Marylin Langevin, Associated Professor, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
10. Dave Rowley, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, de Montfort University, Leicester England
11. Christine Metten, PhD, Diplomlogopädin


The Hessian Minister of Economic Affairs Florian Rentsch is being informed about the PARLO project “freach”

24. April 2013 // Common

On the 18th of April, Dr. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg, head of the PARLO Institute, followed an invitation sent to hessian companies in the occasion of the premiere of the new hessian corporate video “The Hessen way of Life”, where he had the opportunity to talk to the Hessian Minister of Economic Affairs, Florian Rentsch, about the PARLO project freach – an international online-platform for the treatment of people who stutter.

> Presentation: Development of the E-Therapy Platform “freach” [PDF]


“Very good” for telemedicine project

23. April 2013 // Common

The Hessian Agency, the operating arm of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, evaluated the development of the world’s first telemedicine internet platform for speech and language therapy, an EU funded project of PARLO in collaboration with the company vitero GmbH, in a final evaluation with “very good”.

> Certificate for the project “Development of a telemedicine internet platform for communicative intervention“ [PDF]


eLearning Award 2013 for PARLO

21. February 2013 // Common

Today, the eLearning journal awarded this year’s E-Learning award to the Kassel Stuttering Therapy, the associated PARLO Institute for Research and Teaching in Speech Therapy and to the company vitero GmbH, specialist for internet based communication at the trade fair for education.

The PARLO Institute and vitero jointly developed an online platform for the Kassel Stuttering Therapy. People who stutter as well as other speech and/or language impaired people can be supervised and treated by experienced speech and language therapists through this new platform freach independent of their place of living. The online therapy can be conducted with single clients as well as with four clients in a virtual therapy room. Additionally, the platform offers modern technology for individual speech training for the clients, because it is important to practice and stabilise the newly acquired speech technique with the supporting biofeedback software “flunatic!”.

“This project plays a pioneering role throughout the world. To this date, there is no internet based platform which allows offering excellent speech therapy internationally”, according to the eLearning Journal, explaining their decision for giving out the award. Dr. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg, head of the Kassel Stuttering Therapy and the PARLO Institute and Thomas Trier (vitero GmbH) jointly accepted the award: “We are pleased about this great honor and hope, that people who stutter and other speech and language impaired people will profit from this online therapy, which has been developed further from the vitero Web Conferencing Software, worldwide.”

> Project description [PDF]


Development of a pure Online Stuttering Treatment

30. January 2013 // Common

Based on the experiences from the online therapy in the follow up treatment of stuttering patients, the PARLO Institute developed an intensive therapy concept, in which the face to face treatment is completely accomplished online. Since September 2012, a stuttering Kuwaiti patient is treated online in English, using the therapy platform freach. Similar to the follow up concept of the Kassel Stuttering Therapy it is shown that it is feasible to conduct the face to face treatment purely online and that the patients can successfully achieve more fluent speech.



Online therapy in the follow up treatment of the Kassel Stuttering Therapy

15. January 2013 // Common

Since the beginning of 2011, the Kassel Stuttering Therapy integrates telemedical online therapy sessions in the follow up treatment via the online platform freach. The PARLO Institute developed the concept for that, converting the contents of the face to face therapy into an online group therapy. The clients take part in 16 online therapy sessions over the duration of 10 months in groups of four clients plus one therapist. This way, the clients can be supported continuously (every 2 to 3 weeks) in their everyday lives by specialized therapists. The participation from home is convenient as well as time-and cost-effective, because no travel and accommodation costs incur.

To document the effectiveness of this new therapy module, the project was scientifically evaluated by the PARLO Institute from the beginning. In December 2012, first results showed that the online therapy follow up sessions are at least similarly effective to the conventional face to face follow up treatment. One-year-data will be available shortly.


2nd Meeting of the PARLO Advisory Board

15. June 2012 // Common

The 2nd meeting of the Parlo advisory board took place on June 12 in Kassel, Schlosshotel Wilhelmsthal.


Cooperation with the Clinica Potencal in São Paolo

22. November 2011 // Common

The world’s first therapy for stutterers using telemedicine – The launching of the pilot project in Brazil. Kassel (PARLO) Dr. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg (head of the PARLO Institute and the Kassel Stuttering Therapy) travelled to Brazil as part of a delegation of the Hessen Ministry for Economics to launch the world’s first pilot project of “a therapy for stutterers using telemedicine” via the therapy platfrom freach. Dr von Gudenberg has signed a co-operation agreement between the Kassel Stuttering Therapy (KST) and the “Clinica Potencial” in São Paulo. This allows for the development of an online therapy for stutterers in Brazil.

> Press Release

Cooperation agreement with the Clinica Potencial in São Paulo
(from left to right Dr. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg (Center for Communication Medicine, PARLO Institute, Kassel Stuttering Therapy), Dr. Andreas Keck (KECK medical concepts and business management GmbH), Steffen Saebisch (state secretary of the hessian ministry of economics, transport, urban and regional development), Astrid Mühle Ferreira (Clinica Potencial, São Paulo))

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