8th World Congress on Fluency Disorders

The 8th World Congress on Fluency Disorders will be held in Lisbon from 6th – 8th July 2015. The Kassel Stuttering Therapy and the PARLO Institute for Research and Training will be represented here with the following presentations on the first teletherapy in the world for those who stutter:

> “A single case study in online stuttering treatment” (Dr. Wolff von Gudenberg, A.; Anders, K.)

> “Online Stuttering Treatment: an International Partnership Project using freach” (Leal, C.; Wolff von Gudenberg, A.; Bohnen, A.)

The 4th meeting of the PARLO Advisory Board will also be held during this congress. The board consists of renowned experts in stuttering research.

> Programme of this year’s World Congress on Fluency Disorders

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